ÖBB Corporate Headquarters, Wien, Austria

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The new ÖBB Group, the Federal Railway Company of Austria, headquarters is erected immediately adjacent to the newly constructed Central Station in Vienna, Austria. Building was completed in 2014 and Peikko Austria provided various products to the construction site. 

Heavy-duty slabs with Peikko’s PSB Punching Reinforcement in combination with CUBO Column Caps and Fastening Plates were utilized in this office building. Thin slabs were accomplished by utilizing individually sized connections that were manufactured to the exact requirements of the slab panels.

In an architectural competition, the Viennese architectural office Zechner & Zechner won this project for themselves when it was put on tender. The structural design was provided by Thomas Lorenz ZT of Graz. ARGE Habau-Östu Szczecin is responsible for the construction. The developer is the HÖSBA project development and utilization company.

In this project a cast-in-situ slim floor system is used. It results in lower story height optimizing construction and running costs at the same time. Here Peikko has provided CUBO Column Caps, including the structural analyses and Peikko PSB Punching Reinforcement as well as specially customized Fastening Plates to connect columns to slabs. The use of Peikko CUBO Column Caps means that the slab thicknesses could be kept relatively low. A special requirement for the CUBO’s was to design and deliver product corresponding to EXC3 according to EN 1090-2.

Considering high responsibility of column caps Peikko had to define highest quality criteria. All requirements have been met thanks to Peikko’s profound production experience and process also included internal and external quality controls such as testing of welds using magnetic particles and ultrasonic testing. This is first time Peikko has delivered CUBO Column Caps to a precaster. Part of the concrete columns were produced in a precast element factory and delivered with the CUBOs installed. This solution was chosen due to high quality demands defined in the Execution Class 3. Considering also that part of the precast columns were made inclined, this way the contractor could save construction time. Customized Peikko Fastening Plates were used to fix the inclined precast columns to the floor slab.

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Projekt information

46 000 m2
ÖBB, Wien
ARGE Habau – ÖSTU-Stettin
Thomas Lorenz ZT, Graz
Zechner & Zechner ZT, Wien
MABA Fertigteilindustrie, Micheldorf

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